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JJ Wyatt
Design Consultant

When JJ’s mother asked her what she wanted for her second birthday, without hesitation JJ responded, “Ride a pinky.” She has been riding pinkies ever since; but she is now able to say “ponies”. JJ competed ponies and horses at the local and A circuits and as a junior she was a working student for several respected trainers on the east coast.

Inspired by the farm where she lived with her trainers, and rode for most of her youth, Clouds Harbor Farm, in Clemmons, North Carolina; an old renovated dairy farm converted into hunter show and breeding farm. JJ decided to study landscape architecture at Clemson University, in hopes of going into the historic preservation of old barns and sustainable planning and management of equestrian facilities. In the summer of 2010 she moved to Montreal, Canada to work with Robert Jolicoeur, of International Equestrian Design.

During her studies at Clemson she was exposed to urban development and planning in developed, as well as developing countries. Through this exposure it became apparent that in order to preserve the rural equestrian lifestyle that she loves so much, and as well to help the greater condition of man, it is imperative that we figure out a more sustainable ways to build our cities. To make them use fewer resources, and more sustainable in every sense of the word (economic, social and environmentally.) When this is achieved, the demand for rural land and resources will be lessened and hopefully preserving it for us “horse people” to enjoy.

In 2011, JJ graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture. In August 2011, she moved to Sweden, one of the world’s most sustainable nations, to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Urban Design. Upon finishing her degree in December 2013, JJ has moved back to the States and is working with Holly on her original passion, equestrian design.


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